Services resuming                  as long as virus prevention guidelines are observed. Thank you for your full cooperation in these times.
We'll be on Facebook live, The Christian Church White City page, every Sunday. If you can't make it, tune us in at 11:30am.
                   Our Mission is;


  • Reaching the Lost.

  • Growing the Found.

  • Making the Difference.




    We offer a good talk       about understanding            GOD's WORD.

    10:00 AM - Sunday             School.

     11:00 AM - Service

   Live on Facebook

           11:30 am                    @ The Christian Church         White City page.

    office 785-349-2396

    Cell     785-280-2545

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                           Sunday 11/29/20 
                              Psalm 18:30
         Come as you are, leave almost perfect.                                            

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